Refinished Desk

This is one of my latest Craigslist finds.  A lady had painted this desk using a textured spray paint and decided later on to sell it rather then try and refinish it.  I saw this desk as more of a challenge then a moneymaker…So I bought it for $30.

I was ready for the challenge of a refinished desk.

Using a Wagner Heat Gun and a scraper from Woodcraft, I stripped this desk down to bare wood.  It took about 6 hours to remove the paint.  I suggest if you’re going to use a heat gun, to make sure to be in a well ventilated area and wear a respirator.  I had already decided to repaint the desk, so I didn’t get as detailed in my stripping and sanding.  This textured spray paint WAS more challenging…It was like removing the equivalent to 3 coats of thick paint.
I gave a light sanding to the entire desk using a sanding block and an orbital sander, then applied 2 coats of a white multi-purpose primer.
Finally, I chose a subtle accent color for the drawer faces and an antique white for the remainder of the desk.  3 coats of paint later and a coat of poly-acrylic and I was finished.  With my wives help, we sold it for $50 to a family friend.  Not much profit in it, but as I said earlier, it was more for the challenge.  Plus, I really enjoy taking a rough project and turning into something that something that someone else finds appealing.

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