Laundry Room Ladder Drying Rack { re-purposed ladders }

Jacque and I recently were able to get a set of window washing ladders that her grandfather used in his cleaning company.  We’ve re-purposed one of the ladders as a drying rack for the laundry room.
We secured ceiling hooks with toggle bolts to the ceiling as attachment points.  Next, we drilled 4 pilot holes into the top of the ladder for the eyelet screws,  also for attachment points.  Then we measured the distance from the ceiling that we wanted the ladder to hang, adjusted the chain to meet that distance, and attached the chain to the attachment points on the ceiling and the ladder.  Voila! Our new laundry ladder drying rack!  We’d love to hear what you think of it!
Ladder Drying Rack
Ladder Drying Rack


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    OMG I love! this. Too bad my manufactured home won't allow me the luxury of something that heavy hanging from the ceiling. Love your blog. On my way to become a member.


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