Just Hangin’ Around; {Up-cycled Chandelier }


Matt and I decided a cost effective way to replace two very blah chandeliers in our house was to buy used ones and Up-Cycle them.  To me up-cycling is when you take something that is already in good condition, usually dated, and make it current again.  When you give something that last lil umph to […]

Rainbow Cake … Layered Birthday Fun!

Fun Rainbow Layer cake

Let them eat cake Rainbow Layer Cake! For all of those who love and use Pinterest I can promise you have seen at least ONE Ombre or Rainbow cake on there.  They are so beautiful, who wouldn’t love to get one of those? So this year for my sisters 41st  28th birthday I decided I would make her […]

Ball Jar Pendant Light; {DIY Pendant Light}

Old Mason Jar Hanging Light

When we moved into our new house, we started to look for inexpensive solutions to add “our” character to the house.  The kitchen was one of the first places we wanted to work on. Above the kitchen counter were 3 pendant lights that didn’t quite fit our style.  We decided that those pendants had to […]