Laundry Room Reveal; {Going Vertical}

Burlap Laundry Room Sign
I am so excited to share our Laundry Room Reveal with everyone!
This house no longer has Laundry Room Envy.
If you remember back a few weeks ago I posted a picture of what the room looked like then and all the crap stuff that needed to find a home.
If you can’t tell from the pictures below it’s best described as ‘Square Peg Round Hole’.
Our laundry room is on the petite size.
 If I were a realtor I would describe it as Cozy or Quaint, I’m sure you get where I am going here.
It is about 6.5′ long and 6′ wide, throw in a small space with a floor air vent, a large window and a washer & dryer you really only have one way to go and that is up.
So that’s what we did, we went vertical with the storage.
The first thing we did was remove the old wall cabinets. They were your standard 12″ deep and were just wide enough to leave this awkward wasted space in-between them.  So down they came.
See that weird space???
So here we were with our naked laundry room and we did what any savvy DIY’er does we headed to Home Depot and Lowe’s to check out the stock cabinets.
I knew that they made cabinets deeper than 12″ but I had no clue they had to be special order.  And they have a minimum number you have to order as well,
let’s just say that number was not two (2).
So my 16″ uppers were out of the question at this point!
(Insert booing and hissing here)
As we were about to leave Lowe’s with our heads hung low, admitting defeat, my brilliant husband threw a suggestion out there.  Let’s go see what they have in the utility and organizer area.  I mean seriously at this point what could it hurt,
I was already trying to formulate plans D & E.
Low and behold there they were, utility cabinets 15 3/4″ deep.  Let me be a little more specific here BASE utility cabinets.  Now I know you are thinking to yourself,
‘I thought you were going vertical’ and I can promise you we still are and did!
We mounted the base cabinets on the wall.
Yup it is possible and I am so happy we went with this because at this point in the makeover all of that crap stuff I showed you earlier is already nicely stored inside the cabinets with room to spare!
As one of my friends would say that’s ‘Smack yo granny good!’
Most people would stop here but since I suffer from the whole eyes bigger than the stomach thing,
I didn’t want to leave any wasted space.
So of course, I needed to add shelves between the two cabinets to store my canning supplies.
To keep him from going on strike,
I decided to bribe Matt with a new air compressor and new nailer to make the install easier :)
Thankfully this worked!
He’s a good man and went along with my shenanigans with only the occasional eye roll, LOVE him.And now the moment you have all been waiting for the Reveal …

Laundry Room Makover
I also got a new light fixture (woohoo).  The old one was your builder basic model, nothing fancy and no frills.  Oh yeah and it was hung off center in the room by a good 9″ each direction … still not sure about that one, but anyway.
I found this cute pendant light, Matt installed it and swagged it for me so that it would be center in the room. Yet just another thing that I absolutely love!
Complete with little shelf for my burlap laundry sign and jars.
A place for my canning items!
Asher and Fenway even have their own little space in here.
Laundry Room Drying Rack
To say that I am pleased with the outcome of this room is an understatement.
We both L O V E this room, it’s fabulous and everything about it is US.
The best part is that we did it together from start to finish, this was our room.
On any given day you can catch Matt and I sneaking a peak into our Laundry Room, just standing in the doorway with the light on, smiling.
Yup, no more Laundry Room Envy in this house, not one tiny bit!
Check out our before and after below …
– Jacque


  1. Sarah B says

    It looks awesome!!! It's such a difference (and I haven't even seen it in person *yet*) :) Love that you thought outside the box and found the base cabinets – they look great! I also saw the cameo of the “Knowlton” tin – It looks nice in there, and seems to fit the design theme :) Love you guys –

    • says

      Crossing my fingers and toes! This one was actually pretty easy. Oddly enough I spent more time trying to figure out how to make the Fluff & Fold sign then I did putting the room together! That will be a future 'Nailed It' post!

  2. says

    Super job! That compressor and nail gun is not a bribe, though! It was motivation — and insurance of good help for future projects! Good investment, I'd say. I would love it if you would come link up with Busy Monday (open Monday through Thursdays) at A Pinch of Joy, a linky party for ideas that make life better, easier and more fun!

  3. says

    What a great job. You had a wonderful vision and did it. Your laundry room looks so cozy…who wouldn't want to do laundry in there.

    • says

      Thank you Maureen! You aren't kidding those 9 loads I did this past weekend were so much more enjoyable to do, who knew it was possible. Plus now that it's pretty I'm obsessed with keeping it tidy! Win Win!

  4. says

    You did a Great job! now it looks really pretty and organized! It got my attention b/c I had the same issues with my small Laundry Room and I just finish fixing that! would love if you could visit me. I'm now following you on Linky and GFC.

  5. says

    You had me at the light and the ladder…the rest is just icing on the cake! Nice job! Thanks for coming by and linking up – please come back this week to link up again!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  6. Marlee says

    JUST WHAT I BEEN SEARCHING FOR AN ANSWER WITH PICTURE PROOF! I’ve been looking at those Lowes base cabinets wanting to put them on the wall. Reviews one person said they did but I didn’t know how it would look. A BASE cabinet on the wall? Well looks great! I was thinking of hanging mine upside down and attaching crown molding to the base board part. Now I know I have more than one option. Thanks or the post.

  7. says

    Y’all did such a great job! When I read ‘base cabinet’ first thought? Uh Oh…. this isn’t gonna be pretty. Wrong! I’d love to see a tutorial on how they were hung. Enjoy it, I don’t blame you one single bit, I’d be standing in the doorway gazing away all day! Really well done!

  8. Rebecca Gill says

    Struggling with this same issue right now and facing the project this weekend. Would you mind sharing the width of you cabinets and the size space between?



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