Our Honey-Do List {to do list}


What is a  Honey-Do list? For me my Honey-Do list used to be my passive aggressive way of getting Matt to help me get some last minute cleaning things done around the house before company came into town. (I have since learned all I have to do is ASK he is always more than happy to help! hehe) Seriously […]

A Male Perspective From Haven 2012


Jacque approached me shortly after we started our DIY blog and told me about Haven, a DIY conference being put on down in Atlanta.  She expressed an interest in going and wanted to see what I thought.  I told her it would be a great idea and would love to see her take advantage of […]

Matt’s Closet Makeover … {Part One}


Or a man with lots of hats at the very least! Every man/boy has them, baseball hats.  Some men have more than others.  Matt is one of those men he has a TON of hats and they are stored in a box on a shelf in his closet! Impressive isn’t it? Every time Matt needed […]