Guest Posting at Pretty Handy Girl


Hello everyone and Happy Friday! If you are a regular reader/visiter to theDIYvillage you might be wondering where we are today?  Well we are over at Pretty Handy Girl guest posting. Brittany was awesome enough to ask Matt & I if we would like to put together a guest post.  I think it took us about […]

Hearing Protection and Music, All in One!

3M WorkTunes Hearing Protection

Do you use hearing protection on a regular basis?  I can honestly say that up until recently, I hadn’t really given it much thought.  Thanks to my  job at the fire department and my love of all things DIY, I run into plenty of opportunities to use hearing protection.  But, if I had to grade […]

New Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Floor With New Rug 1

Have you ever seen something on a blog or on Pinterest that you just HAD to have?  This happens more often than I would like to admit. And is exactly what happened to me, again.  I was scrolling through a post my friend  Rachel over at Thrifty Inspirations posted about her Kitchen Tour.  And there […]

How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit (Firepit)

DIY Stacked Stone Firepit

When it comes to transforming a back yard, an outdoor fire pit rates high on everyone’s DIY to do list.  When Jacque and I purchased our new home last year, we were moving from a townhouse.  One thing that always bugged me over there was that we were pretty restricted about doing anything outside the […]