Fall Mantel

fall mantel decor

Certain times of the year are more fun to decorate than others.  For me that fun season starts in September with my Fall decor then moves  on to Halloween, then to Thanksgiving, and then the granddaddy of them all Christmas!  I’ve been hard working on Halloween projects but took a few minutes to throw together […]

Canning Spaghetti Sauce { Home Preserving }

Canning Spaghetti Sauce

This year marks my first ever venture into home gardening.  Inspired by so many of my friends who grow and can their own produce I jumped on board.  My garden this year consisted of 2 Strawberry, 4 Jalapeño, 4 green pepper, cilantro, basil and 9 Tomato plants.  I thought it would be fun to have […]

ReStore Recap


Have you noticed that Matt and I love a great find?  We find a lot of great things on Craigslist but better yet we love our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  If you aren’t sure if you have one in your area check your local listing.  We have found so many incredible pieces there!  More […]

Bondo to the Rescue {Using Bondo to Repair Furniture}

Furniture Repair

Have you ever found the perfect piece of furniture only to find that it’s not so perfect?  While we were scouring Knoxville for project pieces, Jacque found a gorgeous dresser in need of some TLC.  It had this beautiful honeycomb design on the face and these absolutely gorgeous claw feet…But it also had some imperfections […]