Consumer Crafts Back to Basics

ConsumerCrafts SS 1

Have you ever thought about buying craft supplies online?  Like most I’m sure you probably think it’s just easier to run down to the local craft store and pick up what you need.  The only problem with going to the store is that most of the time you have to pay full retail.  That is […]

Custom Coffee Mug, Valentine Gift

Custom Valentine Coffee Mugs

I love the dollar store, they always have the best selection of items for the creative mind. This year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make Matt something from the heart that combines two of his favorite things Coffee & Music. The best logical gift I could come up with was custom coffee mugs with […]

Over the Door Organizer for Winter Storage

Over the Door Organizer for Winter Accessory Storage by:

Have you seen all the cool uses for over the door organizers? I have seen them for shoes, in pantries for smaller items, craft rooms, and even had a friend use one at her wedding in the bridal suite for anything and everything you might have forgotten but need! It was great but none of […]

Tealight Lantern Goes Cordless & LED (IKEA Hack)

Morkt IKEA LED Lantern by

I’ve discovered that I have developed a love for lanterns.  It could be their rustic nature…Or it could be that anytime I see one, I’m reminded of the first time Jacque and I ever went camping together (Insert pause for sentimental reader reaction…Ahhh)…Well, whatever it is, I’m drawn to them. And as a firefighter, of […]

Installing a Split Face Travertine Tile Backsplash

Installing Split Face Travertine Tile

    Believe it or not, I didn’t start this project with the intent of installing a split face travertine tile backsplash.  The original plan involved the simple task of removing the old microwave and installing the new stainless steel one.  But like many of my DIY projects, this one took on a life of […]