How to use a Kreg Jig Jr

How to use a Kreg Jig jr We are in the process of building some cabinets for our pantry renovation, so it’s a great time to write a tutorial on how we use the Kreg Jig Jr.  

It’s a reliable and easy to use tool for making strong and dependable joints for all of your woodworking projects.

Let’s take a look at the Kreg Jig Jr!

Kreg Jig Jr Depth Markers On the bottom side of the Kreg Jig Jr, there are adjustable sliders that have numbers on them.  Those numbers correspond to the thickness of the wood that you’re using for your project. So, if you are using 3/4″ plywood for your project, you’ll need to set both sliders to the 3/4″.

Kreg Jig Jr Feet The grey sliders have small feet that hang down to act as a lip to butt up against the edge of your wood.

Kreg Jig Jr Face Clamp Most any bar clamp or c-clamp will secure the Kreg Jig Jr in place, but I’ve found that when I’ve got multiple pocket holes to drill, I prefer using a Kreg Face Clamp.
It easily attaches to the Kreg Jig Jr and it’s easily adjustable for clamping different thickness woods.

Kreg Jig Jr Drill Bit Collar Inside the Kreg Jig Jr. case, you’ll find a drill bit with an adjustable collar.  The collar acts as a depth gauge for drilling into woods of varying thickness.  To set the collar to the correct depth simply slide the collar onto the drill bit, place the bit into its holder in the case (It has built-in gauge markings), slide the collar to the same measurement as the Kreg Jig Jr, and tighten the allen screw on the collar.

Cabinet Assembled with Pocketholes The cabinets we are building are about 20″ deep, so we chose to connect each joint with 4 separate pocket hole screws.  Using the Kreg Face Clamp, we secured the Kreg Jig Jr. into place, then drilled the four evenly spaced pocket holes for the first joint.

Kreg Right Angle Clamp Kreg makes another kind of clamp that makes assembling a lot easier. It’s called the Kreg Right Angle Clamp.
One side has a round flat surface, while the other side has a pin just large enough to fit inside one of the pocket holes.

Straight Edge Clamped in Place Following the same principles as we’ve already discussed, it’s really easy to install a fixed shelf using the Kreg tools as well! Measure and mark where the fixed shelf will be placed. Take a straight scrap piece of wood and clamp it into place so that the edge lines up with your shelf marks.  This will help hold the shelf in the correct position as you begin to screw it into place.

Matt Assembling Cabinet

Here I am finishing up the assembly.  At this point, I repeated the same process on the opposite side of the cabinet until all of my joints were secure.

Using a Kreg Jig Jr makes easy work of building and assembling your own custom cabinets.  The Kreg Tool Company has a lot of other worthwhile tools in their cache.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Head over to Pretty Handy Girl where our friend Brittany shows us the value in using a Kreg Jig or stop in over at Chief’s Shop and see what Chris has to say about using the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig!

Interested in seeing how these cabinets turned out?  Check out our kitchen pantry renovation reveal!

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Disclaimer:  We were not paid to endorse the Kreg Jig Jr.  This tool however, was given to us by the Kreg Tool Company while attending a conference.  The opinions found here are honest and my own.  There are affiliate links within this post.

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    • Matt says

      Debbie, I saw your bench that you made with you Kreg Jig! Love it! My to-do-list just grew by a few projects!

    • Matt says

      Debbie, you’d be amazed at how easy these are to use! Plus, they open up a whole new world of DIY opportunities!

    • Matt says

      I looked to see what Kreg equipment HD carries, but didn’t see many options. But, I know for sure that the Lowes on Peters Rd has a good selection! Which ever Kreg tool you get, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

    • Matt says

      Janel, I only wish that I would have found it sooner! With the projects I’ve seen you tackle, the Kreg should be the one intimated by you! Love your work and congrats on the CWTS! We’re cheering for you!

  1. says

    I tried to go to Home Depot a few months back to buy one of these sucker to build my headboard and those turkeys told me that version was discontinued!!! I will definitely be putting it on my list to grab up from Amazon very soon! Thanks so much for the instructions, yall!
    Gwen recently posted..How to Be Bold in your DreamsMy Profile

    • Matt says

      Gwen, I haven’t seen them at the HD in awhile, but we were at Lowes last night and they were still carrying the Jr. They make a few other kits, but I found the Jr to be a pretty good bang for your buck!

    • Matt says

      Laura Beth, We’ve already started planning new projects to use it on…Just be prepared, once you get one, the DIY projects may take on a life of their own!

    • Matt says

      Thanks Sheila! I think you’ll pleasantly surprised just how easy it is to use! I was working with it over the weekend while I was building doors for the pantry and still can’t believe how easy it makes custom building!

    • Matt says

      Kathleen, the Kreg Jig Jr Kit will be a perfect addition to you workshop! I’ve already been eyeing my next Kreg Tool product!

    • Matt says

      Oh, you won’t be sorry! Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a few different Kreg products and I’ve yet to find one that didn’t make my projects WAY more manageable!

  2. Pat says

    The Kreg Jig Jr. is especially handy for repairing kitchen cabinet drawers when they pull apart. pull the little brads and put in the screws, voila, never worry about them separating again. Also adding shelves to the bottom cabinet under the sink. Makes life much easier.

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