Reclaimed Barn Wood Mirror #SeriouslyStrong

Reclaimed barn wood mirror #ad #SeriouslyStrong Matt and I have been lucky enough to know a few people with old barns and old barns often have old wood!  Since they know we are lovers of most all old things they offer us their old barn wood.  I have yet to ever turn anyone down who is offering something so awesome!  I have wanted a floor length mirror for as long as I can remember, in fact I have never had such a mirror in my entire life, not even a cheapy.  Since we were coming into a lot of old barn wood I thought it would be fun to make a full length barn wood mirror for our bedroom!

Materials Needed:
Reclaimed Barn Wood – 66” long  (4 boards)
Mirror 58” x 16”
Wood Screws
Drill with bits
3M Scotch Fasteners Indoor Hook and Loop Tape .75” x 18”
Step-by-Step Instructions:
Reclaimed barn wood mirror Select a few pieces of reclaimed wood that are as flat and curve free as possible.  Lay the boards on the ground and cut them to the same lengths.

Reclaimed barn wood mirror Cut the last piece of wood into three equal 20” long sections.  These pieces will be used for the back supports of the mirror base and will keep the boards from twisting and possibly breaking the mirror.

Reclaimed barn wood mirror Lay the 66” boards side-by-side face down on a hard surface.  Place the 20” sections in three places on the back (middle, 4” from top, 4” from bottom).  Pre-drill the screw holes using a small drill bit.  Attach boards to the base using wood screws.  Once all three sections of support are attached turn the base over, face up.  If you like at this point you can seal the reclaimed wood, I chose to skip this step.

Reclaimed barn wood mirror Carefully place the mirror face down onto the base.  Make sure that the back of the mirror is clean and free of anything that might hinder the adhesion of the Scotch Fasteners hook and loop tape.  Cut the Scotch Fasteners strip into 2 – 6” sections and 2 -3” sections.  Remove the backing of one side of a 6” section of tape and apply it to the top of the mirror back.  Press firmly to ensure proper adhesion, making sure to follow the manufacturers instructions.  Repeat these steps at the bottom of the mirror with a 6” strip and on the left and right sides with one 3” strip per side.

Reclaimed barn wood mirror Remove the backing from the remaining side of tape on all four strips.  Carefully turn the mirror over, center the mirror onto the base and press the mirror onto the wood.

mirror Apply gentle but firm pressure to the mirror in all places where Scotch Fasteners have been used.

Reclaimed barnwood Mirror With the mirror firmly attached to the reclaimed wood base, the barn wood mirror is ready for use.  This new addition to our master bedroom is one of the baby’s favorites!  After every diaper change she gets to go over and smile back at that happy baby in the mirror!  You’r mirror can be leaned against the wall or if you are looking for a family friendly hanging method consider a french cleat!


**Disclaimer  – I have been provided compensation for this post, but as always all opinions and words are my own.  No one has told me what to say! **


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