Gone Fishin’ String Art


As I’ve mentioned in the past, my family loves tradition, especially around the holidays!  Each year, we take part in the Knowlton Make-A-Gift.  Each person is assigned another family member, who they are tasked with creating a handmade gift.  This year, I had my step brother, Ryan, an avid outdoorsman, who according to legend is […]

How to Build Custom Bookcases

Awesome step by step on how to build custom bookcases!

I’m a firm believer that one can never have enough storage within their home!  Especially, when you’re talking about your wife’s craft room!  When we purchased our current house, we agreed that Jacque would convert one of the bedrooms into a room where she could let her craft “freak” flag fly.  Looking back on that […]

All Natural Alternative for Cleaning Kids Toys

All natural alternative for cleaning kids toys. Great for disinfecting everything little ones like to stick in their mouths. Especially during cold season!

After spending the last week nursing a sick kiddo back to good health, I decided it was time to wage war on the germs that undoubtedly were still lurking around our house!  I’ve never really liked the idea of cleaning  things like toys, high chairs, or anything else that Josslyn may get into, with harsh […]

DIY Lighted Halloween Sign


If you’re familiar with some of our previous projects, you may know that I’m a sucker for all things light!  This rings especially true if I’m given a chance to combine my love of lights with my love of wood working!  If you don’t believe me, check out my daughter’s Custom LED Night Light!  As […]

Types of Fire Pits and Fire Pit Safety

All about fire pits sizes and fuel types, also most importantly Fire Pit Safety. How to use them and keep your family safe!

Let’s talk fire pits!  Over the last 10-15 years fire pits have become one of the most requested additions for outdoor living spaces.  Homeowners love the idea of having a space to relax and spend time with family, all the while staying nice and cozy amidst the cool fall air!  As a Lowe’s Creative Handyman, […]

The Easiest Way to Paint Furniture

Custom reverse stencil side table

Over the past few years, Jacque and I have painted a decent number of furniture pieces, ranging from dressers to bar stools, to even chandeliers.  I really enjoy giving new life to outdated pieces, but the painting phase of the transformation has always been my least favorite part of the process, mostly because of the […]