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DIY Dog Bowl Chairs {Elevated Feeding Station}
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How to Build Custom Bookcases

Awesome step by step on how to build custom bookcases!

I’m a firm believer that one can never have enough storage within their home!  Especially, when you’re talking about your wife’s craft room!  When we purchased our current house, we agreed that Jacque would convert one of the bedrooms into a room where she could let her craft “freak” flag fly.  Looking back on that […]

All Natural Alternative for Cleaning Kids Toys

All natural alternative for cleaning kids toys. Great for disinfecting everything little ones like to stick in their mouths. Especially during cold season!

After spending the last week nursing a sick kiddo back to good health, I decided it was time to wage war on the germs that undoubtedly were still lurking around our house!  I’ve never really liked the idea of cleaning  things like toys, high chairs, or anything else that Josslyn may get into, with harsh […]

Olympic Rescue It, Prep Kit Giveaway #PrepMatters

before after sq

Happy Halloween everyone!  Today Matt and I are celebrating our daughters 1st birthday and we couldn’t think of a better way for you to help us celebrate than to host a giveaway!Last week we showed you the update we gave to our deck using Olympic Rescue It!  A combination of Fenway’s nails and harsh all […]

Creativity Unleashed Link Party No. 44


Can you say CRAZY?!?  I feel like I am running round like a chicken with my head cut off!  Tomorrow is Little Bit’s 1st birthday.  We have a fun day planned, that is after her Dr’s appointment.  Poor thing has another cold that she just can’t seem to shake!  I can’t wait to show you […]

No Grout Mosaic Tile Mirror

DIY no grout mosaic tile mirror. This is perfect for an apartment! #spon #seriouslystrong

If your home is anything like ours your builder took extra time to pick out attractive mirrors for your bathrooms, hehe.  Kidding of course we all know builders do what they can for the bare minimum.  Case in point our builder grade mirror glued to the wall! I decided I wanted to give one of […]

Josslyn’s Birth Story – Part One


I have been thinking about if I would share Josslyn’s birth story with you all for a very long time.  And since Josslyn is turning ONE next Friday I thought it would be a great time to fill you in on the details! I want to start out by giving you the Prologue to my […]