Dollar Tree Nutcracker ( West Elm Knock off)

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:


When my grandmother passed away Matt and I inherited a lot of her Christmas decorations.  Including two large nutcrackers.  They stand about 2′ tall, and are very pretty.

While searching the net I came across these beautiful white Nutcrackers by West Elm.

I’m pretty sure my eyes lit up, “I want to do that to my grandmothers nutcrackers!” Matt – “No way, don’t even think about it”.
It took him about 2.5 seconds tell me no haha.

Fast forward a few weeks and a quick visit to Target and I see these beauties!
Obviously still thinking about this idea… hehe
I asked again and once again got vetoed.

That was until I was at the Dollar Tree and came across the plethora of nutcrackers.

Granted they are about 8″ tall, they are only $ 1.00 each, they are not my grandmothers, and there was no way Matt would veto me painting these lil guys!
So I bought three.  
(I’m incapable of buying just one of anything I like pairs and groupings)

Dollar Tree Decor

Aren’t they cute?

Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

This is Alfred

Dollar Tree Christmas Decor by:


Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

And this is Bob.

Apparently I did not look at Bob to closely when I was picking him out because he is indeed missing a hand …
Whomp Whomp Whomp!

Moving on!

Before I painted them I went ahead and removed their hair and beards and all the hot glue that accompanied them.  I chose a spray paint with a primer in it thinking that would give me a better coverage.  In theory this was a great idea, what I did was underestiate the ability of the red on the $1.00 nutcracker to bleed.  I never thought I was going to get that red covered! 3 coats later I forged on to the Gloss top coat.

Are you ready?

Without further ado, I present to you Newman, Bob, & Alfred!

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:

Aren’t the precious?

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:

Newman’s makeover consisted of Bahama Breeze spray paint by Krylon.

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:


Alfred was little more difficult so he got a few (6) coats of White w/ Primer by Krylon

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:


Thrifty Christmas Decor by:

And last but most certainly not least we have Bob.  Bob got a bright coat of Colonial Red!
I was trying to distract people from his missing hand … poor guy!

Thrifty Christmas Decor by:

I think these Nutcrackers are a great addition to anyone’s Christmas Decor. Total cost for this project was a whopping $ 3.28.  I used spray paint’s I already had at home, talk about thrifty!

If you are looking for more Dollar Tree Christmas inspiration head on over to Debbiedoo’s.
Click below the image to see more!


And for my lovely friends who always wonder what everything around us looks like when we do a photo shoot … This one is for you!


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  1. says

    Wow! I saw these at the Dollar Tree and the ones at Target. This is super creative! They turned out beautifully! :) Gotta love the Dollar Tree! Yay!

  2. says

    Wow! You have totally made me want to spray paint all of my nutcrackers! I have a growing collection of them but they would look so cool all in one color. They look great and way to crop those pics!

  3. Christina @ Floridays Mom says

    Love your painted nutcrackers…super cute!!! Your photo of garage photo shoot made me laugh out loud…ahhhh the things we do for a “good shot”

  4. says

    Greetings. New follower across the board here. I love your DIY tutorials. Your studio is flippin’ awesome. However this particular tutorial…idk about it. It feels like you have destroyed the traditional nutcracker. Blasphemy lol. I will pin it nevertheless for my followers. Idk if I would have the guts to do this to my nutcrackers because they are not just a dime a dozen to me. They are each all unique and special and each have particular meaning to me and each have a memory attached to them. It is a particular interesting DIY though, nevertheless. Very creative. Yours turned out very lovely and unique. I guess if mine did not have a sentimental value or love attached to them I would do it. Your other DIY’s are awesome and I think it is just smashing that you are able to pick things right out of Dollar Tree and make them into unique and beautiful crafts. Goes to show that you have a good eye and a creative mind to take a chintzy piece and turn it into a beautiful thing. You see the beauty in something that someone else would not otherwise see. I pray that you and yours have a prosperous and safe new year. I will continue to follow your posts with interests! Have a lovely one, dear! xo

  5. says

    Hi, Love your sites ideas and tuts! I am a DIYaholic and have enjoyed your nutcracker story. I have over 250 large nutcrackers that I fill my tea room with in Dec. for our annual nutcracker tea. I just came across a site that sells unpainted nutcrackers. I was thinking of painting and glittering them to go with my living room silver, gold and white theme. Again I enjoyed your post! I am off to the dollar store. he he!


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