Christmas Banister Garland

Having a large entry way has it’s perks.
You can go over the top with decorations and they aren’t overwhelming.

Last year I started our banister garland with two lengths of garland and a few glass ornaments.
It was nice but I really felt sorry for the rest of the banister upstairs.
It just looked so sad compared to the fanciness going on downstairs.

Christmas Decor by:

Aren’t they pretty with their frosted fabulousness?

And as if it were fate Hobby Lobby had more of the ornaments again this year!
Sometime in August I went ahead and purchased a box of them.
(Gotta beat the rush after all!)

Christmas Decor by:

Every square inch of our banister is now covered with greenery and ornaments.

Christmas Decor by:


All this fancy garland totally classes the place up!

Christmas Decor by:

And makes the Woodland dresser that’s sitting in the middle of the living room a little less obvious!

Christmas Decor by:


But that’s what photoshop is for … what dresser?

Christmas Decor by:


Fenway loves the ornaments too … the cold glass must feel nice on his nose.

Christmas Decor by:


I even had a few extra ornaments to hang off of our ladder!

Christmas Decor by:


Maybe next year I’ll step it up and lights to my garland!

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    I love the garland with the ornaments hanging in clusters. Such a cute idea. I just realized that I no longer have a banister to decorate! (Just this very second. LOL) I have two staircases but they both have walls on the sides. Hmm. One less thing to decorate I guess. Love your banister! :-)


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