Pop-Up Photo Box (Gift Idea)

Gift Idea by: theDIYvillage.com

Earlier this month I got the February issue of Country Living.
Do you remember last month when I took a simple dollar store pine box and made it into a monogrammed jewelry box?
I gave it to my mother for Christmas.
She absolutely loved it, that was until I took it back from her (she can thank Country Living for that).

As soon as I saw this project I knew I had to convert her jewelry box into a fun pop up photo box.
Plus with my parent’s 43rd wedding anniversary coming up I thought this would be great.

It was really easy to make.
I just needed some scrap book paper, glue, ribbon, and some pictures.

Gift Idea by: theDIYvillage.com

I picked photos from their wedding album.
Squared them up in PicMonkey, and then had them printed at the local pharmacy.

Gift Idea by: theDIYvillage.com

I love how this turned out, so much that I am going to make one for Matt and I.
And seriously how cute are my parents?

For $ 5.00 and two hours time I have a great way to remember their special day!

UPDATE:  For detailed instructions head over to HERE


  1. Sherry says

    How do you make something unbelievably cute & creative & make it better……oh, yes, you give it to Jacque!! I’m in awe of your talent!!

  2. says

    This is such a great idea! I love the look that you can get with the black and white photos. Great job. I am your newest twitter follower.

  3. Debbie says

    What a great idea not only for weddings but bithdays, etc…LOVE,LOVE this idea.
    thanks so much for sharing. just one question…did you use paper to paste the pictures to or just the ribbon to the pictures…

  4. Janie Neuwirth says

    This is just adorable! Can it be this simple? I have tons of scraabookingg stuff and love to give albyms, this would surprise and plastic anyone. Can I ask more ?’s if I get stuck? Thank you, this is my first time on pintrest. Thank you for sharing a priceless gift.

  5. Amber medina says

    What size did you square them to? How did you do it on pic monkey? Cropping or is there another way? Sorry I know nothing about editing photos.


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