i love you Finger Paint Art

i love you finger paint art, perfect for tolddlers

I am a huge fan of doing art with children, in fact my major project before graduation was about creating art with children.  They are never too young to get their fingers messy.  Art with kiddos is important.  It helps them to develop motor skills, helps with visual learning, incites decision making, and improved academic […]

10 Valentine’s Day Sweet Treat Recipes

10 Valentine's Day Sweet Treat Recipes

I’m always on the lookout for new Valentine’s Day sweet treats to make for the one I love.  Last year I showed you my cinnamon caramel white chocolate popcorn.  There have been so many amazing Valentine’s Day sweet treats linked up to Creativity Unleashed the last few weeks so I’m sharing some of my favorites […]

Josslyn’s Birth Story – Part Three

First family picture

I left off Part Two with the dreaded news that I would be transported via ambulance to a different hospital.  As I waited for the ambulance transport my contractions got worse and more intense.  The nurses started pushing drugs, antibiotics, and all sorts of other things I had no clue about to start the process […]

Easy Window Winterization

Conserve heat in your home during cold temperatures with easy window winterization

Over the past few years we have done a few posts on Winterization of your home.  We have even touched on some window winterization tips in Matt’s post 10 tips for winterizing your home.  One thing we didn’t go over was what to do for windows that are drafty due to thickness, or lack thereof. […]