Honey Do List

This page is dedicated to our “Never Ending Honey Do list”!
It seems like we get one thing marked off just in time to add three more items in it’s place!  

Feel free to check back for new and completed items on our list!
Projects we post about will be linked up for quick reference!


1.   Complete all repairs on the home from April 2011 hail damage (still working on this one)

2.   Remove shelves from guest bedrooms

3.   Headboard for guest bedroom

4.   Decorate Nook

5.   Paint Craftroom

6.   Re-Finish Craft Room Desk

7.  Santa Wall Art (Christmas)

8.  Install Kitchen Backsplash

9.   Mason Jar Pendant Lights for Kitchen Island

10.  Master Bathroom Curtains

11.  Built-in Bookcases Craft Room

12.  Re-Design Buffet for Childs Room

13.  Laundry Room Makeover

14.  Matt’s Closet Cubbies

15.  Matt’s Hat Wall

16.  Re-do Jacque’s closet

17.  Built in’s in extra master bedroom closet

18.  Design and Decorate Nursery

19.  Decorate Master Bedroom

20.  Install Fan in Nursery

21.  Stacked Stone Fire Pit

22.  Re-do Landscape in back

23.  Paver Path

24.  Remove large trees from front yard

25.  Wall Art for Living Room

26.  Photo Wall upstairs Hall

27.  Chandelier Makeover

28.  Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

29.  Makeover Kitchen Counter Tops

30.  Kitchen Stools

31.  Master Bath Over-Haul

32.  Guest Bath Floor re-do

33.  New Front Porch (Just trying to sneak this one in hehehe)

34.  Landscape AquaBasin

35.  Install Liriope Spicata & Vinca Minor at back of retaining wall

36.  Nursery Wall Art

37.  Dresser for Nursery

38.  Side Table for Master

39.  Master Bedroom Ceiling

40.  Master Bath built-in’s

 41.  Re-finish stair-well banister

42.  Master Bedroom Wall-Art

43.  Replace Stair-well light fixture

44.  Painting Upholstered Ottoman

45.  Demo & Re-build Pantry

46.  Elevated Feeding Station

47.  Re-finish Great Grandpa’s Hoosier Cabinet

48.  Medicine cabinet Guest Bath

49.  Makeover Half Bath

50.  Paint Family Room

51.  Paint UpStairs Hallway

52.  Paint Living Room

53.  Artwork for Living Room

54.  Install new toilets

55.  New pendant lights for Kitchen Island

56.  Update Guest (kids) Bathroom

57.  Bathroom Organizers

58.  Nursery Curtains

59.  Night Light Nursery

60.  Landscape Lighting